Monday, June 4, 2012

How can Active650 help with recovery following bruising?

Reduce Swelling and Bruising with Compression Support Treatment Bruising, dead leg or contusion, it’s all the same thing. When a nice fleshy lump of muscle (normally the thigh, calf or upper arm) gets bumped damage is caused beneath the skin. If the impact is severe enough the damage can affect the small blood vessels in the layers below the skin. These damaged blood vessels leak into the surrounding tissue causing a dark area, which we would all recognise as a bruise. If enough blood leaks out the surrounding tissue can start to swell, this is before the body’s inflammatory reaction kicks in to make the swelling worse. Obviously, the more force involved in the impact the more subcutaneous damage and pain, and the worse everything is.

Active650 supports can help in two ways:

Reduce Swelling and Bruising from impact wounds Firstly, the compression support, if applied in the acute, inflammatory phase of the injury (initial 72 hours) can help reduce swelling. Whilst the inflammatory response is the body’s natural response to injury, swelling is a product of this response and can often be a major cause of pain, discomfort and even further tissue damage. Best practice for managing an injury such as bruising is RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation).
The “ICE” component of this mnemonic is all about reducing or restricting the amount of swelling. As leaders of compression garment technology Active650 supports can justifiably claim to be effective in providing the “C” of RICE. Not only is the level of compression support second to none, the supports are comfortable and will not move around over the sensitive area.
Therefore the wearer can leave the Active650 on for as long as he or she wants.

Reduce Swelling and Bruising of sports injuries Secondly, the leakage of blood into the interstitial tissue, the associated fluid and metabolites that cause the visual bruising and swelling need to be cleared away by the body. This is done by both the lymphatic system and the blood’s circulatory system. As we know that compression increases venous return we can also postulate that this increased venous return will help to speed up the clearance of the by-products that have collected at the site of damage, thus aiding recovery of the injury.
Active650 supports can help prevent damage in the acute phase immediately following the injury and also to speed up the recovery to enable the athlete to get back playing harder earlier.

Ben Scott, BSc (hons)
Anatomical Sciences

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