Sunday, August 12, 2012

Compression Support for Elbow and Forearm Pain in Weightlifting

Tennis Elbow | Golfers Elbow | Epicondylitis | Treatment of Elbow Pain There is nothing worse than an injury that climbs into your head. An elbow injury, forearm or distal bicep injury caused by repetitive use under heavy loading can soon progress to further injuries as our bodies adjust to minimise the pain. As we compensate for the injury we place strain on other parts of our body either by adjusting the angle of the movement to an unnatural position, jerking a bicep curl or overloading the opposite limb.
Some choices exist including the use of rest, icing and compression although severe cases may require surgery. Too much rest and the muscles and tendons shorten, returning to your training is difficult and re-injury a real threat. Using traditional compression, in particular in power lifting, often involves the use of hard strapping (placed on during sets and removed between sets). This results in interim relief with more pronounced post workout pain due to arm pump and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Treatment of Elbow Pain | Treat Tennis Elbow | Golfers Elbow Treatment Active650 Compression Supports provide support to the joint, muscles and tendons to enable you to continue to train without pain, maintain the correct body position and get that injury out of your head. Used while training as well as after workouts to enhance recovery; Active650 Compression Supports have a 300% expansion ratio (compared with 50% with conventional neoprene), therefore compression is maintained during your workout without the restrictive effect of conventional methods.
Active650 Compression Supports increase blood flow, specifically venous return, reducing arm pump and reducing muscle fatigue, enabling you to train at our best.
Every Muscle, Every Body
Bradley Buck
NABBA and IFBB competitor
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